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Tuesday, January 16, 2018:

Weeeeeelllllllll, another day of disappointing news for me. As you can see below the southeast is getting some more snow. That has to put it on par with us in Denver, CO for snow days. Yes, read it again. The southeast has similar amount of snow days as us in the foothills of Colorado. Yuck.



As you can see below, we have some moisture locked up in the mountains of CO, but we are much below where we should be, especially if we have another early melt off this year. That will put us in a very awkward situation come summer for crops and such.


This morning’s surface analysisesesesesies:

Surface temps and dew pts:

Definitely signs of a nice blob of arctic air has ben forced down to the mainlans US causing some very cold temperatures this morning. Too cold to walk the pups in today, even though they don’t understand why.

Upper air maps:


Tuesday, December 26, 2017:

Friday, December 22, 2017:

I can’t complain too much, we did get our snow here in Denver, albeit a measly couple of inches, but anything helps right now. As a sad side note, when I was growing up in CO we had a local pond that would freeze over well enough for us to go and have wild times on it as well as play hockey. It is there I fell in love with putting ice skates to ice and being so free to glide. Sadly enough the last number of years, I believe close to a decade now, that same pond won’t even ice over. I am deeply concerned by this continued change.

The US government is striking any use of the phrase climate change. Of course I hate this administration and almost literally everything it stands for. But when our CLIMATE is CHANGING we must tackle it. And the first goddamn step is to acknowledge this is happening and boy does it have deep consequences now and you bet your ass in the near future too. Watch how many people flee Florida and Louisiana these coming years and look at the migration already happening due to these massive and soon to be normal hurricane seasons.

Write you congressmen/women and please accept what we all had a bad feeling about 10 years ago, a changing climate. Thank you for letting me vent somewhere. Now lets turn our focus to the weather in a normal fashion, through my shitty interpretations!

Most of us got hit with that nice cold front in the last couple of days and the walk with my dogs this morning sure reminded me of that, single digits! As the dew point shows for us in CO there is still some moisture in the air.

As is pretty evident, the cold front we saw a couple of days ago is colliding with the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico inland around the southeast states, definitely expect some severe weather coming from this interaction. The east coast is going to have weather today! The low pressure sitting in the Ohio Valley is sure to strengthen but we’ll need to check the upper air maps for more confirmation, see below.

Upper Air:

We can see the jet stream and the streaks in the 250 and 300mb maps, the exit of the jets are over the southeast. Along with that is the upper level divergence that is taking place at the exit of the trough that extends all the way to the southwest. This divergence aloft will probably fuel the low pressure mentioned above, intensifying the surface low. This could bring a bit more severe weather for the east coast.

The water vapor aloft:



What does NOAA say?

How about the Denver/CO area?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017:

Well we’re getting close to that time of year… Happy holidays and such. All I want for Christmas this year is a winter and a the very least, some snow! All bitterness aside, it looks like CO will be getting some tomorrow and that is always good for my soul. Let’s take a look at the maps ⇓

Surface Analysis: 

Wonderful snow along the northern Rockies, you bet your behind that’s the same system that will dip south for us. Watch that cold from come in and drop those temps for us!

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Upper Air Maps:

If we want to keep going, lets check out the air aloft. The jet streak down southeast will likely cause some potential thunderstorms and/or precip dumps along with the low pressure developing there


Morning Soundings:

Lets take a look at the soundings around the Colorado Rockies

Monday, November 24, 2017:

Last night here in Denver our Thanksgivings produced some really nice clouds. There were some nice lenticular and beautiful wave pattern clouds with even I believe I caught some Kelvin-Helmholz waves.


As for this morning,  we are having a very calm and nice day thus far and probably for the next couple of days. A nice big high pressure is sitting around us right now:


Monday, November 20, 2017:

We are experiencing some decent winds here in west Denver, my gate was blown open but luckily no dogs escaped. With a solid High-Low set up over the Rockies developing the last day or so, its no surprise that we’re getting some winds. If you look on the surface analysis for the last couple of days no front has moves through, just tightening of the pressure bars around the Rockies.

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With sounding of Grand Junction (Grand Junction is just west of the mountains) and Denver it is not a clear cut definition of a down slope wind storm, but there are  a couple indicators of such. There is a slight inversion over the mountains around 680 mb near Denver and many inversions on the Grand Junction side too.2017_11_20_12_72469_Sounding2017_11_20_12_72476_sounding.png

There seems to be a nice indication of some weather phenomena; not a front though: the pressure has dropped significantly, large gusts at NW, W and SW during pressure drop, RH drops ands stays very low. Notice the steady temperature over night, it stayed 50 degrees for a whole 24 hours!! The gusts really start around 15:00 or 3 pm yesterday, roughly the same time as the RH drop and continued pressure drop.


Looks like some sinking motion over the east side of the Rockies, notice the lack of moisture aloft (WV image, left) and virtual lack of clouds over the plains east of the Rockies (IR image, right).


Upper air charts:


Surface Wind Streams:


All of this gives way to presumably some kind of high wind warning for Wyoming and Nebraska primarily. There were already some fire warnings for these areas and New Mexico too, and the strong winds obviously are not going to help:


2017_11_20_09_05_US_WarningsScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 6.47.33 PM (2)

And of course we can’t forget the quick forecast:

Wednesday May 18, 2016:



Sunday April 17, 2016:

Well, being a weather fanatic and pure snow lover, I am super bummed the powerful spring snow we got in Colorado happened again while I was out of town. The mountains have been getting pummeled by this wet snow. According to the last 2 24-hr snow accumulation maps from NOAA, the snow totals are huge.


Meanwhile, I’m down in San Antonio, Texas watching the weather go by us. However, the cold front that is moving through west Texas should be arriving soon to San Antonio (south-central Texas). Paired with the constant stream of moisture being brought in from the Gulf of Mexico, the chances of some thunderstorms should be good in the next handful of hours today.

Looking at the Dew Point map, there is another great example of what the cold front does: There is a steep gradient along the west part of Texas. The numbers are just symbolic of how much water in the air. So along the western part of Texas, the cold front has moved through and created a lot of precipitation, thus losing a lot of moisture from the air, leaving behind a steep gradient and low dew point temperatures (30’s). This is contrasted by the large dew point ahead of the cold front (70’s)





Satellite Images:


Thursday April 14, 2016:

Special shout out to my suckafish friend, Nick. Happy Birthday you no good Texan, we’ll be seeing you real soon.


Wednesday April 13, 2016:


Tuesday April 12, 2016:

Yesterday’s Precip Totals



On the three satellite images below, the location of water vapor, clouds and thus energy are all in agreement with the cold front on the above Intellicast surface map and NWS radar. Whenever a cold front passes, typically there will be loss of moisture due to precipitation, on the water vapor map below, the brown areas symbolize dry air. There are brown streaks that fit behind the cold fronts on the surface maps very well.

See whats in store for the air in the next couple of hours/days:



Monday April 11, 2016: A Great Example of Cold Front/Thunderstorms

Upper air maps this morning show a significant weather event over LA, AR; The cold front coming down is bringing cold air (we just experienced this last night in CO), while a high over the Atlantic is bringing warm moist air from the Gulf, exacerbated by the still fairly strong, but dying low over the US/Canada border over Michigan. These events will bring warm moist air slamming into cold air and will lead to a narrow band of unstable atmosphere. Thus on the surface map, the wind barbs show where the air masses are colliding causing the narrow band of thunderstorms.

Surface Winds; Look close for the directions indicated by arrows


On the three satellite images, in the visible the shape of the remaining low is still noticeable. The water vapor and infrared show where the cold front has been slamming into the moist Gulf air, leaving that signature narrow band of precip and thunderstorms.


Yesterday’s Precip: This shows the narrow band we expect today, a day ago. The pricip line is a bit more north yesterday.

Yesterday’s Precip Total

Surface Temps and Dew Points: The temp map shows where the cold front has been and where it is about to be. The dew pt. map also shows where the moisture has been lost, just along the same line as the cold front because this produces large storms. The steep gradient of temp and dew pt along the cold front shows that both quantities change rapidly along that line. This makes sense because the narrow band of storms produced by this set up.


Yesterday’s Snowfall and current snow water equivalent, respectively:



The soundings for Denver and Boulder show what we are experiencing right now: cloud cover and relatively low clouds. Thus it is relatively humid near the surface. The Duane Tower data verifies this (below). The Duane data also shows we are recovering from a substantial drop in pressure; the cold front has now passed up.




Sunday April 10, 2016:


Sunday March 27, 2016:


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Sunday March 13, 2016:

Don’t forget to move your clocks ahead!


Saturday March 12, 2016:

Happy to have been outside this morning, nearly 40 deg, no winds. The sky had a small cloud coverage before the sunrise. This probably had to do with the fact that the cool air around the mountains must have ben flowing down, and lifting to form clouds. Soon after the sun rose, the clouds seem to burn off.





Friday March 11, 2016:

Just another fantastic winter (yeah, its till winter even if will be 70 today…) morning. Again it was a crisp morning, about 32 deg, no clouds or winds, and fairly dry feeling, meaning a fairly stable environment.





Thursday March 10, 2016:

Today was just a wonderful morning! The sky was almost entirely clear and crystal blue. There was a thin strip of clouds just east of the mountains, and what appeared to be some sinking motion. It looks like there was a stable environment.


Wednesday March 9, 2016:

This morning felt more like a March morning should, roughly 27 deg, clear morning and frost on the ground.

2016-03-09 06.10.11.jpg





Tuesday March 8, 2016:

Clear and crisp morning this morning. Could feel the water in the air, and could see the hazy effect it has around the foothills.

2016-03-08 06.17.362016-03-08 05.58.59


Saturday March 7, 2016:

This morning we had an amazing sunrise, the clouds were displaying colors a camera couldn’t replicate.

2016-03-07 06.23.242016-03-07 06.21.07


Sunday March 6, 2016:

Today was another wonderful morning in Colorado.


Thursday March 3, 2016:

Today was another wonderful morning in Colorado.

2016-03-03 06.18.12

2016-03-03 06.17.32