Suspension and Steering

This is the full front crossmember, steering rack, brake knuckles with brakes, and lower control arms.

2014-07-15 12.30.28

The goal is to:

  1. Replace steering rack with reman’ed rack (already have), since original leaks pretty bad.
  2. Replace Bushings for steering rack
  3. Replace all bushing with Energy Suspension poly. bushings
  4. Replace tie rod ends
  5. Replace ball joints
  6. Replace sway bar linkage
  7. Rust proof and paint: support, sway bar, lower control arms, brake knuckles, steering rack hardware

New Parts:

Front_Brakes1 and 5)  Inner and Outer  Seals

2) Snap Rings

3) Wheel Bearings

7,8,10 and 11) Wheel Hub